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4 Ways to Strengthen Early Corn Health During Wet Weather

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Don’t let unanticipated wet weather take you by surprise in spring. Since some fields will inevitably get excess rains, here are 4 tips to help improve corn health in such a scenario:

  • Cultivate during vegetative stages: Once soil is dry enough for planting, cultivation during the early- to mid-vegetative stages can help open and aerate the surface layer to promote root growth. 
  • Apply general nitrogen: If a test isn’t used, 40 to 50 units of nitrogen applied as anhydrous ammonia, liquid or urea with a urease inhibitor is a general recommendation. Rain shortly after application is helpful to move nitrogen into the root zone for uptake.
  • Apply additional nitrogen: Consider adding another nitrogen application if you’ve monitored elemental loss in your corn. For example, yellowing fields with uneven growth that are likely to still produce grain would benefit from an application. Apply nitrogen to such fields as soon as possible to gain the most return – ideally right after pollination.
  • Sample soil: To determine if additional nitrogen should be applied, consider a late-spring test for soil nitrates before rapid growth begins. When corn plants are 6 to 12 inches tall, soil samples should be analyzed to assess available nitrogen.

To find out if Mother Nature plans to shower your fields with above average, normal or below average rainfall over the next 10 days, check out this real-time map by The Weather Company. Contact your Golden Harvest Seed Advisor with questions or for additional agronomic insights.

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