Golden Harvest Soybeans

Golden Harvest® soybean seeds bring you top-end yield potential paired with the industry’s broadest choice of soybean herbicide tolerance trait platforms. With nearly 900 local trials, our broad portfolio of soybean varieties is bred, tested and proven locally to protect against many of today’s toughest threats. Our Golden Harvest Seed Advisors are ready to help you select the right soybean varieties for the right fields and deliver Service 365, which is our year-round commitment to doing whatever it takes to optimize soybean yield potential.

Our soybean portfolio, which now includes Gold Series soybeans, offers farmers access to Enlist E3® soybean trait technology, Roundup Ready 2 Xtend® and LibertyLink® GT27® trait technology.

Gold Series soybeans, our first-ever line of soybeans with exclusive genetics, offers farmers proven performance in addition to broad herbicide trait choice.

Enlist E3® soybeans provide yield potential and agronomics and offer superior application flexibility and tank mix options to manage resistant weeds.

Roundup Ready 2 Xtend® soybeans deliver a full portfolio of proven yield performance with defensive trait options.

LibertyLink® GT27® soybeans are known for yield potential and agronomics and allow for in-season glufosinate and glyphosate applications.

View the 2022 Golden Harvest Seed Guide to learn about our soybean products for your area.

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  • Great defensive package anchored by outstanding SDS tolerance
  • Outstanding standability in an attractive plant type
  • Rps1c gene with above average field tolerance to Phytophthora Root Rot
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  • Soybean Brand: Ratings are based on field observations collected by Syngenta from multiple locations over multiple years. They represent comparisons with company products only.
  • RM: 3.0: Specific relative maturity for this variety.
  • Herbicide tolerance and other traits
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Golden Harvest Seed Guide
Download the 2022 Golden Harvest Seed Guide to find the soybean varieties best suited for your area.
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Agronomy In Action 2021 Research Review
Discover expert advice on corn and soybean development, disease management, and cultivating a better harvest.
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Making smart decisions now is crucial to harvest success down the road. When planning for next season, consider the agronomic challenges you faced and choose varieties with the best genetics and traits to maximize performance in your fields. Use our agronomic resources as you finalize your variety selections and prepare for planting.

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Soybean Seed Treatments

Seeing our soybean varieties reach their maximum yield potential at harvest is always the end game. The first step toward that goal is making sure our genetics are protected before they reach the planter. Our advanced soybean seed treatments offer various options to help you protect against yield-reducing seed- and soil-borne diseases, and early-season insects.


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