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Scouting Tips for Western Bean Cutworm

Categories: GROWING, CORN

Western bean cutworm (WBCW) is one of many late season pests that can reduce the quality of your corn, so make sure it’s on your scouting radar. This insect can damage corn ears leading to yield loss, infections and mold, resulting in a docked profit when you take your corn to the elevator.

To help prevent pest pressure, scout pre-tassel and freshly tasseled fields for large, white egg masses on the upper third of plants. Check at least 20 plants in 5 areas of each field to make sure your analysis is accurate. To help detect WBCW, hold corn leaves up to the light and look for shadows from egg masses.
The Ohio State University advises applying an insecticide if 8% or more of your crop contains eggs or larvae. Insecticide treatments should be made while eggs are hatching to control outbreaks. Once the larvae enters the ear, treatment can be ineffective.
If your field has a history of WBCW, consider selecting a Golden Harvest hybrid that contains the Agrisure Viptera® trait. Agrisure Viptera controls 16 above- and below- ground insects, including WBCW, to reduce ear damage that can lead to mold and mycotoxins for higher-quality grain and peace of mind.
Learn which Golden Harvest hybrids include the Agrisure Viptera trait by entering relative maturity needs or a specific hybrid name in our online product finder. Contact your Golden Harvest Seed Advisor with questions or for additional agronomic insights.

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