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Visit our Agronomy in Action Site for Firsthand Field Insights


Our Golden Harvest Agronomy in Action site in Clinton, IL, is in full swing and we’d love to have you stop by. Here’s why. If you have a chance to come and see the Golden Harvest hybrids and varieties on display at the Clinton Agronomy in Action site, you won’t be looking at just any corn and soybeans – these products made it through 7 rigorous levels of local testing and development, with each level involving more trials than the one before. 

The hybrids and varieties that didn’t yield high enough or performed well under local environmental stresses didn’t make it to the next level. In other words, when you see hybrids and varieties at the Clinton Agronomy in Action site, you are looking at quality genetics and traits that have been tried and tested. Plus, each product at the site offers a clear showcase of the diverse agronomic characteristics of Golden Harvest hybrids and varieties. 

But that’s not all. When you stop by the Clinton Agronomy in Action site, a few of the agronomic trials you’ll also have the chance to see include:
  • Corn Root Depth and Ear Flex Trials
  • Corn Hybrid x Population
  • Soybean Variety x Planting Date Trial
  • New Soybean Traits
  • Soybean Population Trials
  • Corn Insect Management Trials
  • Seed Care Trials
  • Agrisure Enogen Corn Trait Demo

We’d like to discuss agronomic challenges and solutions for your fields. Talk to your Golden Harvest Seed Advisor to plan a visit to the Clinton Agronomy in Action site this summer.

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