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A Key Management Method to Protect Young Soybean Plants

       Golden Harvest Preferred™ seed treatment  vs. untreated soybeans

Seed Treatments Protect Soybean Crops

Unpredictable environmental conditions are a constant in farming. Almost a certainty, however, are yield-limiting insects and diseases that attack young soybean seedlings during development. Soilborne water molds like Pythium, Phytophthora, Rhizoctonia and Fusarium combined with below- and above-ground insects such as bean leaf beetle, soybean aphid, white grub, seedcorn maggot and wireworm threaten soybean yields.

An estimated 80% of all plant problems start underground with root damage, caused by soilborne and seedborne plant pathogens, early-season insects, and nematodes. These losses would be even greater if it weren’t for the rapid adoption and continued innovation of seed treatments.

Bean leaf beetle populations may defoliate 50% to 80% of soybean foliage, but they can be significantly reduced or eliminated altogether with an effective seed treatment. Soybean aphids, white grubs, seedcorn maggots and wireworms also nibble away at yield potential. To further complicate matters, variable insect pressure limits the ability to effectively scout for economic thresholds. A seed treatment can provide protection against damaging insects from the day of planting, reducing the need for scouting or rescue treatments.

Maximize Return on Investment with a Seed Treatment

Seeing soybeans reach maximum yield potential at harvest is always the end game. Golden Harvest Preferred™ seed treatment is a combination of separately registered products that delivers broad-spectrum protection to help safeguard Golden Harvest soybeans against damaging early-season pests. Our Preferred seed treatment optimizes root health, stress tolerance and plant vigor for better emergence – and delivers faster speed to canopy and nutrient uptake for improved overall performance.

With current models valuing fungicide and insecticide benefits at an average 3:1 return, the estimated payback per dollar spent is an additional $2/A. For operations with medium to high pressure, the expected return ratio is even higher:

Source: University of Wisconsin 2008-2010 data. S. Conley

Since inception in the early 1990s, seed-applied fungicides have protected American farmers’ seed investments and allowed for more uniform stands. Today, with more than 90% of all soybeans protected by seed treatments, many farmers recognize the benefits of seed-applied fungicides and insecticides.

Contact your Golden Harvest Seed Advisor with questions about Golden Harvest Preferred seed treatment or for additional agronomic insights.

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