Overcoming dry summer, Golden Harvest® corn and soybeans prove performance in Iowa

  • Less moisture than usual did not deter Golden Harvest hybrids and varieties from yielding well this fall
  • Agrisure® traits protect genetic potential against many of today’s toughest field threats
  • Golden Harvest Seed Advisors add local knowledge to optimize field placement

MINNETONKA, Minn., USA, Nov. 28, 2017 – Despite a dry summer, Iowa harvest reports indicate that Golden Harvest® corn and soybeans were resilient and are ending 2017 strong. Powered by broad genetic diversity and high-performing traits and technologies, Golden Harvest hybrids and varieties offer farmers a range of agronomic options for various field types, soil characteristics and weather conditions.

“A year like this is a good example of the benefits Golden Harvest corn and soybeans offer farmers,” said Rich Lee, a Golden Harvest agronomist based in Iowa. “Yes, we had a drier than usual year, but because of proven genetics protected by powerful traits, our hybrids and varieties delivered a strong performance.”

Golden Harvest corn is bred to perform well in a range of environments, with Agrisure® traits and technologies – including Agrisure Duracade®, Agrisure Viptera® and Agrisure Artesian® – protecting yield potential through proven insect control and water optimization. E-Z Refuge® options provide convenient, integrated single-bag refuge offerings. In Iowa, top 2017 performers so far include:

  • G09Y24-3220A E-Z Refuge brand, an Artesian™ hybrid that maximizes yield when it rains and increases yield when it doesn’t. The hybrid outyielded comparable DeKalb® hybrids by an average of 6.8 bushels per acre (bu/A) in area trials.1
  • G05B91-3010 brand, a new hybrid that offers dependable root and stalk strength for season-long standability. It outyielded all DeKalb® hybrids in northwest Iowa trials by an average of 2.4 bu/A. 2

Golden Harvest also offers soybean producers many proven performance-class varieties across a wide range of relative maturities. These varieties protect against many of today’s toughest challenges, including soybean cyst nematodes, sudden death syndrome, brown stem rot and Phytophthora root rot. Top varieties in Iowa this season include:

  • GH2788X brand, which yields well with strong standability to help farmers glide through harvest. GH2788X brand outyielded Pioneer® P28T71X brand by an average of 5.7 bu/A in eastern Iowa and northern Illinois trials.3
  • GH2230X brand, a variety that thrives in a multitude of conditions and offers tolerance to white mold and sudden death syndrome. In northwest Iowa comparisons, GH2230X brand outyielded all Pioneer hybrids by an average of 3.3 bu/A.4

All Golden Harvest hybrids and varieties are sold exclusively by independent Golden Harvest Seed Advisors, whose local expertise helps identify the best seed-to-field fit to maximize performance. In select geographies, these Seed Advisors also provide access to Enogen® hybrids, featuring an in-seed innovation that benefits farmers marketing grain to ethanol plants and those producing grain or silage for livestock feed. In the ethanol market, Enogen grain enhances the ethanol production process by improving process efficiency, while the same technology increases the value of feed for dairy or beef cattle due to improved fiber and starch digestibility.

For more yields and information on Golden Harvest hybrids and varieties, and to find your local Golden Harvest Seed Advisor, visit GoldenHarvestSeeds.com. For harvest updates, follow #AcetheAcre on Twitter and Instagram, and visit the @GldnHarvest Facebook page.

1Based on 120 head-to-group comparisons in eastern Iowa and northern Illinois, 2017
2Based on 16 head-to-group comparisons in northwest Iowa, 2017
3Based on 23 head-to-head comparisons in eastern Iowa and northern Illinois, 2017
4Based on 20 head-to-group comparisons in northwest Iowa, 2017

About Golden Harvest
Golden Harvest Seeds has been Rooted in Genetics, Agronomy and ServiceSM since 1973, offering in-depth seeds expertise combined with the local agronomic know-how of an independent Seed Advisor to maximize yield on each field. Today, every Golden Harvest hybrid and variety is bred with the individual needs of hardworking farmers in mind. Find more information at
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