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New trial data offers options to minimize historic corn rootworm threat and maximize corn yield potential in Nebraska as state braces for another heavy season


Golden Harvest adds two experienced members to its industry-leading agronomy team to support Nebraska farmers in creating long-term crop management plans

DOWNERS GROVE, Ill., USA, July 6, 2022 — As Nebraska farmers brace for high corn rootworm (CRW) pressure following a major resurgence in the Corn Belt in 2021, Golden Harvest is releasing new Agronomy in Action trial data showing that Duracade™ traited hybrids paired with a soil-applied Force® brand insecticide provide excellent CRW control and yield benefits.

Nebraska reported particularly high western CRW populations in 2021 as part of a study conducted by the Regional Corn Rootworm Monitoring Network — an indication there will be high pressure again this summer. To help farmers prepare for the threat, Golden Harvest is sharing new Agronomy in Action trial data and adding two new experienced members to its leading agronomy team — Jamie Kathol in eastern Nebraska and Luke Curl in the western part of the state — to help farmers evaluate available CRW management tools and create long-term management plans.

CRW is a highly adaptable pest, requiring a tailored, multiyear plan that rotates diverse management practices. Corn rootworm is often called the “billion dollar pest” as it can create huge problems for farmers throughout its life cycle. Larvae feeding on roots can lead to reduced yield potential, root lodging, reduced stalk strength, among other concerns. Adult beetles can clip silks, reduce pollination, and then lay eggs that create and worsen problems the following season.

Golden Harvest trial corn plot in a field show strong performance against corn rootworm
Golden Harvest trials show strong performance against CRW, as well as yield benefits. Source: Syngenta.

Force + Duracade hybrids offer yield benefits

In fields where there is low to moderate CRW pressure, new Golden Harvest trial data indicates farmers should use either Force brand insecticides or Duracade hybrids — such as Golden Harvest corn hybrids G11V76-D or G10L16-DV — to effectively control CRW. In fields with higher CRW pressure, farmers should consider using a Force brand insecticide with Duracade hybrids. The trials showed this approach offers farmers potential yield benefits of as much as 41 bushels per acre (bu/A) over untreated, non-traited options.

Bar chart on corn rootworm management influence on overall corn yield
Hybrids with the Duracade trait paired with a Force brand soil-applied insecticide offer yield advantages to farmers versus single or no control measures. Source: Syngenta.

“DuracadeViptera is one of the top hybrid options available to farmers today because it uses a unique mode of action, so it’s offering something new and different to fight CRW,” says Kathol, Golden Harvest agronomist. “It also provides best-in-class protection against above-ground pests for peace of mind throughout the season. When paired with Force, this is a no-brainer for farmers seeing high CRW pressure.”

Consider seed treatments for additional benefits

Higher 1250 rates of CruiserMaxx® seed treatment can also offer additional protection against early season CRW larvae, according to the trial. Golden Harvest trials found on average almost 0.25 of node rating improvement from increased rates compared with lower seed-applied insecticide rates. Larger root score improvements ranging from 0.38 to 0.41 were observed in trials with greater rootworm pressure.

Bar chart showing increased corn root protection with CruiserMaxx Corn 1250 seed treatment
Hybrids with higher rates of CruiserMaxx seed treatment offer increased root node protection. Source: Syngenta.

Many Duracade hybrids are now available with rates of CruiserMaxx Corn 1250 seed treatment, a combination of separately registered products.

Build a long-term CRW management plan

While each field is different, Kathol and Curl agree there are easy steps that every farmer can take to begin building a CRW management plan, beginning with assessing the threat in their fields. Curl recommends using sticky traps — a common, low-cost way to quantify adult beetle pressure in the later part of the summer. The number of beetles trapped is a strong indicator of the likely amount of pressure farmers will see the following year.

“Having that type of data is absolutely critical so you know what to expect next year,” says Curl, Golden Harvest agronomist. “It helps us adjust CRW management plans proactively, based on what we’re actually seeing in the field.”

Get in touch with Golden Harvest agronomists

The best long-term plans to manage CRW are flexible and require fine tuning, Kathol and Curl say. The newest members of the Golden Harvest agronomy team are eager to dig in with customers in Nebraska and offer their expertise to support farmers.

“Luke and Jamie are outstanding additions to our team of agronomic experts here at Golden Harvest,” says Andy Heggenstaller, head of agronomy for Syngenta Seeds. “We are thrilled to welcome them to the team and ensure top quality support for our farmers in Nebraska as they deal with corn rootworm and other threats.”

To get in touch with Golden Harvest agronomists to discuss CRW pressure in your fields and begin building a management strategy, contact your Golden Harvest Seed Advisor today.

For more tips and strategies, Golden Harvest offers a library of agronomy articles with actionable data and local insights to help precisely place products for maximized performance in farmers’ fields. The Agronomy in Action 2022 Research Review provides a comprehensive review of applied and practical agronomic studies conducted during the 2021 growing season at Golden Harvest Agronomy in Action research sites.

To find better solutions for your corn and soybean acres, contact a Golden Harvest Seed Advisor at

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