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Golden Advantage is an extended terms offer, with a 0% interest cost, for farmers to purchase Golden Harvest® brand seed products.

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1. Is Golden Advantage different than financing?

Golden Advantage is an extended terms offer funded through Syngenta Seeds, LLC. Payment for 2022-2023 season Golden Harvest seed and Syngenta Seedcare products purchase is due December 1, 2023.

2. How do I use Golden Advantage to pay for my Golden Harvest seed?

Contact your authorized Golden Harvest Seed Advisor and complete the Golden Advantage application, and place an order for Golden Harvest seed and Syngenta Seedcare products. The Golden Harvest Credit Team will use SSN and FEIN provided (if applicable) to perform a credit check.

3. Who do I pay when my Golden Advantage payment is due next December?

Complete payment to Golden Harvest for your Golden Advantage balance by logging into your Golden Advantage account, or by mail (make check payable to Syngenta Seeds LLC ) JPMorgan Chase Lockbox Processing, Attn: Golden Advantage, P.O. Box 772318, Detroit, MI 48277-2318.

4. When is the application deadline for Golden Advantage in the 2023 planting season?

Applications for use in the 2023 planting season must be submitted by June 9, 2023.

5. When is the due date for 2023 planting season Golden Advantage account balances?

Account balances from the 2023 planting season are due December 1, 2023.

6. Can I place both seed and seed treatment on my Golden Advantage account?

Yes, both seed and qualified seed treatment can be applied to a Golden Advantage account. Seed treatment applied by a local Seed Advisor (downstream) can also be applied to a Golden Advantage account.

7. Can I use both Golden Advantage and the Golden Harvest financing offer through Rabo AgriFinance to pay for my 2023 seed?

Customers who use Golden Advantage may not use the Golden Harvest financing offer through Rabo AgriFinance.

8. Who can I contact with questions regarding Golden Advantage?

Contact your local Golden Harvest Seed Advisor or contact Golden Advantage support at 855-939-0058 or


• If the Grower does not pay Golden Harvest in full, Golden Harvest shall have the right to collect payment directly from Grower. Complete terms available with Golden Advantage terms and conditions and application.

• The credit accommodation through Golden Advantage will not be used to purchase non-Golden Harvest products. Enogen® brand products sold through an authorized Golden Harvest Seed Advisor are eligible for purchase through Golden Advantage.

• Golden Harvest expressly reserves the right at any time and its sole discretion and without notice (a) to limit, reduce, cancel or otherwise modify all available credit limits and issuances and (b) to refuse to make future shipments of product.

All photos are either the property of Syngenta or are used with permission.

© 2022 Syngenta. Enogen®, Golden AdvantageSM and Golden Harvest® are trademarks or service marks of a Syngenta Group Company. Syngenta reserves the right to amend this Program at its discretion. Syngenta will apply all discounts to Seed Advisor’s account at year end settlement for the 2023 Crop Year.

Syngenta reserves the right to accept, reject, or adjust any discount under the Program offered within this Program Guide. Seed Advisor must be current in all amounts owed to Syngenta and its affiliates for any reason. Syngenta reserves the right to (i) withhold any credit or discount otherwise earned by or offered to Seed Advisor and/or (ii) to offset such amounts against any outstanding balance of Seed Advisor to Syngenta and/or its affiliates for any reason.

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