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Become a golden harvest seed advisor to deliver service 365 days a year

As a local, independent Golden Harvest® Seed Advisor, you can join our Service 365 year-round commitment to deliver a service experience that yields results. Bring your local farming knowledge, and we’ll provide our unique genetics bred and tested locally, industry-leading trait choices and the E-Luminate® digital agronomy platform to give you the tools to maximize profit potential for your farmers and your business.


Why should you consider becoming a Golden Harvest Seed Advisor? There are many reasons, but here are a few top ones to help you get started…

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1. You set your own business goals and direction as an independent seed advisor, and Golden Harvest is there to help you realize your vision.

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2. You can help farmers maximize yield on every acre with high-yielding Golden Harvest® corn and soybeans.

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3. You have access to Agrisure® traits and technologies for exceptional insect control, herbicide tolerance and water optimization, and in select areas, Enogen® corn hybrids featuring exclusive in-seed innovation designed to enhance ethanol production.

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4. You have the opportunity to grow with few limits because of your access to a broad and diverse seed portfolio that enables tailored, local placements for top performance.

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5. You are counted on by farmers to deliver corn and soybean products best suited for individual acres and needs.

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6. You can rely on an extensive network of ag sales representatives, agronomists and customer service specialists to help support your business.

Become a Seed Advisor.
Deliver a service experience that yields results.


Matt Beach, Vortex Seed
Golden Harvest Success Story: A Portfolio for Any Field
Golden Harvest Seed Advisor Matt Beach works to place the right seed in each of his customers’ fields from the industry-leading Golden Harvest product portfolio.
Jeff Kjellander, Brush Creek Seed
Golden Harvest Success Story: Providing the Next Great Thing
Golden Harvest Seed Advisor Jeff Kjellander has become a trusted advisor to his customers by delivering top-notch genetics, agronomic advice and cutting-edge technology.
Steve Knorr
Golden Harvest Success Story: Seeing is Believing
Golden Harvest Seed Advisor Steve Knorr applies his knowledge as a farmer and the agronomic expertise of Golden Harvest to help his customers succeed.


Golden Harvest is rooted in genetics, agronomy and service to deliver a better performance in farmers’ fields. Developed to get the job done in even the most difficult environments and conditions, Golden Harvest hybrids and varieties feature the latest traits and technologies to maximize yield in every field.


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Powered by broad genetic diversity and exceptional traits and technologies, a diverse portfolio of hybrids and varieties helping farmers to grow a healthy, high-producing crop.

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Enogen® corn enzyme technology, an in-seed innovation that enhances ethanol production.

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Enogen Feed Seeds Logo

Corn hybrids that help unlock the energy potential of grain or silage in livestock feed rations by converting starch to sugar more efficiently.

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Agrisure Artesian

Agrisure Artesian® technology helps maximize yield when it rains and increase yield when it doesn’t.

Learn More
Agrisure Duracade

Agrisure Duracade® trait stacks offer the ultimate option for insect control, simplicity and choice.

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Agrisure Viptera

The Agrisure Viptera® trait offers more control of more above-ground insects for more yield.

Learn More


From planning and planting to growing and harvesting, Golden Harvest Seed Advisors have the distinct pleasure of spending their days helping farmers succeed. Having the in-depth knowledge of local growing conditions and access to data and product placement tools enables Golden Harvest Seed Advisors to work hand-in-hand with farmers to select and place the best hybrids and varieties for each of their fields.

Below are questions people ask when considering becoming a Golden Harvest Seed Advisor.

Q: Can I afford to be in business on my own?

A: Golden Harvest works hard to make sure that our independent Seed Advisors have the equipment and capital they need to build their business.

Q: Do you provide Golden Harvest Seed Advisors with benefits?

A: Golden Harvest Seed Advisors are not employees, but rather independent businesses selling Golden Harvest brand products. Thus, there are no employment benefits for Golden Harvest Seed Advisors. However, we work closely with you to determine your revenue potential.

Q: What support systems do you provide Golden Harvest Seed Advisors?

A: Golden Harvest has a complete support system for our Seed Advisors including: national, regional, local and online training. Additionally, we provide local sales and agronomy support as well as a customer service staff all dedicated to your success. With $3.9 million per day invested in world-class research and development, Golden Harvest Seed Advisors have access to the most comprehensive lineup and future pipeline of products and technologies to assist farmers.


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