Statistical Tools for Assessing Yield Comparisons

Following up to our post about accurate yield comparisons, understanding the tools used to analyze harvest results is just as important. For starters, if you receive local data from different sources, review it closely. When data varies, interpreting harvest results to make informed seed selection decisions is more challenging. 

Statistical data analysis tools
To help read yield data, take the following statistical factors into account.
  • Paired comparisons: Measuring head-to-head comparisons of 2 hybrids or varieties across multiple locations is the simplest way to analyze harvest results. 
    • If possible, compare several years of data from multiple locations. This helps improve odds of predicting a higher-yielding or better-adapted product across diverse environments. 

  • Least Significant Difference (LSD): Measures the difference between 2 treatments by confirming if the difference is true or trial error. The LSD is also known as the minimum yield difference needed to confirm if 1 product performed better than the other. 
    • LSD is strongly influenced by the number of locations used to measure the difference between 2 hybrids or varieties. When the number of locations increases, LSD usually decreases due to less chance of trial error.
    • If 2 yield averages vary more than the LSD value, the difference is due to the product and will likely occur again. If product yield averages are less than the LSD value, the observed difference is likely due to trial error or “noise”. 
  • Probability: A level of confidence that the result occurring will repeat over time. 
    • The probability of identifying the best-yielding hybrid goes down as entry numbers increase. 
    • The probability of identifying the best-yielding hybrid goes up as location numbers increase.

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