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How To Test Soil For Nutrients

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Crop nutrition needs play a key role in soil fertility management. Managing soil fertility involves looking at the timing and placement of key nutrients to increase yield potential. 

At a recent Agronomy in Action event in York, NE, we talked about the importance of soil fertility and steps you can take now to prepare for next season. Maximizing yield potential is often reliant on the environment, and even though Mother Nature plays a key role, a proper fertilizer program is also critical to produce high-yielding corn. As you prepare for the 2019 growing season, take soil samples and consider the impact different nutrient levels have on soil type below:
  • Nitrogen gets most of the attention in corn production but not all corn plants respond to nitrogen the same way. 
  • Potassium is another nutrient that is utilized by the plant at a higher level.
  • Potassium and magnesium are inversely related; high levels of potassium can inhibit the uptake of magnesium in the plant and vice versa.
  • For best results, all nutrients should be managed equally but addressed differently. 
If planting hybrids with new genetics, consider re-examining how and when to apply nitrogen. Hybrids with newer genetics are using nitrogen much later in the growing season, with approximately 20 to 40% using nitrogen after tassel compared to older hybrids. Even with greater plant populations, current corn hybrids have shown to be more efficient at nitrogen uptake and utilization than hybrids with older genetics.
For more information about nutrient management and soil fertility and other agronomic insights, contact your Golden Harvest Seed Advisor.
Golden Harvest Agronomist, Brian Banks, discusses soil fertility management at the York, NE, AIA site.

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