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Scout from the start to help yield big advantages

Categories: GROWING, CORN

Scouting is critical at the start of every season, but a mix of recent factors make it especially valuable this year. Not only did a mild winter set up a potentially disease- and pest-heavy season, but with commodity prices staying low, you may have opted for less up-front management in hopes of lowering input costs.

As you transition from pre- to post-planting, here are a few recommendations on how you can keep your scouting eyes sharp from the
University of Wisconsin Cooperative Extension Service:

  • Field history forms: Before the scouting season begins, log important information such as field location, cropping history, crop yields, pesticide use, fertilizer and lime applications, soil type, soil test records and major pest problems. This can be done by the tried and true method of pen and paper scouting forms, or by a mobile app for digital convenience.
  • Scouting patterns: An appropriate route must be planned before scouting a field. The M-shaped walking pattern is best used on square or rectangular shaped fields. In irregularly shaped fields, adjust the pattern as needed to ensure a representative area of the field is covered.
  • Scouting frequency: Field corn should be monitored at weekly intervals until pollination is completed. After that, once every 10 days should suffice – although if you’re concerned about a particular pest problem, you may need to monitor more often.

By making sure your fields are growing in ideal conditions with minimal pest, disease and insect pressure, your crop will have a much better chance to prosper. Contact your Golden Harvest Seed Advisor with questions or for additional agronomic insights.

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