Technology and Traits

Selecting hybrids with the right traits and technology for your field conditions allows your seed to maximize genetic yield potential. Golden Harvest corn is engineered using the latest traits and technology to help your crop prosper from planting to harvest. The Agrisure® traits portfolio offers exceptional insect control, water optimization and herbicide tolerance to protect genetic yield potential.

Agrisure Artesian

Agrisure Artesian® technology maximizes yield when it rains and increases yield when it doesn’t. That’s because Artesian contains multiple genes for season-long drought protection, and is widely adapted across a variety of yield environments and soil types.

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Agrisure Duracade

Agrisure Duracade® trait stacks are the ultimate option for insect control, simplicity and choice. Offering above- and below-ground control of up to 16 yield-limiting insects, Agrisure Duracade trait stacks protect genetic yield potential of high-yielding hybrids while providing the convenience and simplicity of E-Z Refuge®, a 5% in-bag refuge.

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Agrisure Viptera

By providing comprehensive control of above-ground insects, Agrisure Viptera® leads to better crop stands and lower levels of disease. Through control of damaging insects, Agrisure Viptera reduces mold and mycotoxin production resulting in a higher-quality grain and peace of mind, whether your grain is for sale at an elevator or fed on farm.

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Agrisure Traits Stewardship


Before planting hybrids with Agrisure traits, farmers are required to sign a Stewardship Agreement. The agreement outlines the terms and conditions of growing hybrids with Agrisure traits, compliance with Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)-mandated insect resistance management programs and grain channeling requirements.

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Seed treatment

Seed Treatment

The Syngenta Seedcare portfolio offers advanced seed treatments that protect against yield-reducing seed- and soil-borne diseases, and early-season insects. By enhancing germination, seedling vigor and root systems from day one, your corn and soybeans are well-positioned for a higher yield advantage when you combine in the fall.

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