Why Golden Harvest Soybeans

Damaging pests and diseases are lurking in far too many fields, ready to rob soybeans of their maximum yield potential. Golden Harvest soybeans combine advanced genetics with the latest traits and technologies to protect against many of today’s toughest threats. With its portfolio of performance-class varieties ranging in Relative Maturity from 0.6 to 4.8, you’ll find new options to help you make sure your season pays off.

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Agronomy in Action Sites

See our soybean varieties in action at our Golden Harvest Agronomy in Action sites. Schedule a visit to the site nearest you to see how local pest pressure is impacting different varieties and get advice from local representatives and agronomists who are digging deep to uncover the best management practices for your fields.

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How the Naming System Works

  • A "GH" indicates Golden Harvest soybeans.
  • B Indicates maturity group (0-7).
  • C Indicates within group maturity rating on a 0-9 scale (0 = early, 9 = late).
  • D Randomly designated numbers.
  • E Denotes herbicide technology - L = LibertyLink®; X = Roundup Ready 2 Xtend® technology.

Tools and Resources

Golden Harvest Seed Guides
Download your local seed guide to find the soybean varieties best suited for your area.
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Soybean Portfolio Worksheet
Find crop protection and seed treatment options to help you get the most out of your Golden Harvest soybeans.


Making smart decisions now is crucial to harvest success down the road. When planning for next season, consider the agronomic challenges you faced and choose varieties with the best genetics and traits to maximize performance in your fields. Use our agronomic resources as you finalize your variety selections and prepare for planting.

The Impact of Cover Crops on Phosphorus

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Japanese Beetle Identification and Management in Soybeans

Now that it’s July, Japanese beetles are laying eggs and will continue to into August.…read more

Signs of Off-Target Dicamba Drift

With a high percentage of acres planted to dicamba-tolerant soybeans, here’s how to identify symptom…read more

Visit our Agronomy in Action Site for Firsthand Field Insights

Our Golden Harvest Agronomy in Action site in Clinton, IL, is in full swing and we’d love to have yo…read more

Soybean Seed Treatments

Seeing our soybean varieties reach their maximum yield potential at harvest is always the end game. The first step toward that goal is making sure our genetics are protected before they reach the planter. Our advanced soybean seed treatments offer various options to help you protect against yield-reducing seed- and soil-borne diseases, and early-season insects.


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