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You put a lot of effort into choosing your seed and managing your crop for maximum performance. Seeing how different hybrids and varieties work in conditions similar to yours can help you make tough management and seed selection decisions a little easier. When you visit the Golden Harvest Grow More™ Experience Site in Stanton, MN, you’ll get a closer look at our corn and soybean plots and gain valuable advice from local representatives and agronomists. They’ll talk through recommended management practices for your soil and environment, and show you hybrids and varieties you may want to consider for next season.

Stanton, MN Site

When you visit the Stanton, MN, Grow More Experience site, you will enjoy an immersive training experience that features local agronomic recommendations and Golden Harvest options tailored for your Minnesota fields. While there, you can see population and planting width trials, corn and soybean seed treatment trials, weed and disease management demonstrations, corn stress and root depth trials, and more. To find out when the next Golden Harvest Experience day is planned, talk with your local Golden Harvest Seed Advisor™.

Latest Information

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