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You put a lot of effort into choosing your seed and managing your crop for maximum performance. Seeing how different hybrids and varieties work in conditions similar to yours can help you make tough management and seed selection decisions a little easier. When you visit the Golden Harvest Grow More™ Experience Site in Slater, IA, you’ll get a closer look at our corn and soybean plots and gain valuable advice from local representatives and agronomists. They’ll talk through recommended management practices for your soil and environment, and show you hybrids and varieties you may want to consider for next season.

Slater, IA Site

At the Slater, IA, Grow More Experience site, you will have the chance to see Golden Harvest corn and soybeans best suited for Iowa farms in action, through row width and population demonstrations, corn root depth and soybean planting depth trials, and hybrids featuring Agrisure® traits. You’ll also get to see firsthand a corn hybrid trial showing how genetics can affect hybrid vigor and other agronomic principles that can help your crops work hard all season long. To find out about the next Golden Harvest Experience day, talk with your local Golden Harvest Seed Advisor™.

Latest Information

Prevent Back-to-back Years of Japanese Beetle Damage | 10/2/17
Golden Harvest agronomists offer management steps for preventing Japanese beetle damage.   read more

Improve Stalk Integrity with Late-season Scouting | 09/13/17
Due to high levels of moisture this past spring, local farmers may face stalk integrity challenges. Golden Harvest agronomist Mark Miller highlights scouting tips and what to keep an eye out for following a cool, wet spring to best prevent these challenges next year.   read more

The Effects of Nitrogen in Corn Hybrids | 09/08/17
Nitrogen is vital to plant health, but the amount needed to produce a healthy crop can vary depending on your hybrid. Mark Miller, a Golden Harvest agronomist, provides nitrogen response ratings to help farmers understand the management needs specific for their farms.   read more

Three Rules for Evaluating Corn Pollination | 09/05/17
Corn pollination is among the most important phases of crop development. Mark Miller, a Golden Harvest agronomist, offers 3 steps to follow to evaluate corn pollination in your field.   read more

Be on the Lookout for Southern Rust | 08/09/17
Golden Harvest agronomist Mark Miller notes that rust has reared its head in southern states and Mexico this season. Farmers should take precautions early on to get ahead of the disease.   read more

Five Tips to Protect your Roots from CRW | 08/02/17
Many regions throughout the Corn Belt faced favorable conditions for corn rootworm egg hatch and development. Mark Miller, a Golden Harvest agronomist, offers a few suggestions to implement into your management plan next season.   read more

Minding the Planting Depth Difference | 07/19/17
Mark Miller, a local Golden Harvest agronomist, highlights the importance of proper planting depth at the Slater Grow More Experience site.   read more

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