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When it comes to growing corn, you want genetics and traits that produce high yields in your fields. No matter what soil types, weather conditions and pest pressures you encounter, there’s a Golden Harvest Corn hybrid that’s right for you. With its diverse portfolio, Golden Harvest Corn is bred to perform well in even the most difficult environments, and is even tougher when it comes to insect control, water optimization and herbicide tolerance thanks to Agrisure® traits and technologies.

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Our Golden Harvest Grow More Experience sites provide the opportunity to see our corn hybrids in action. Visit throughout the growing season and see how the hybrids you have, or are considering planting, are progressing. You’ll also be able to talk with local representatives and agronomists about the best seed options and management practices for your corn fields.

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How the Naming System Works

  • A "G" indicates Golden Harvest.
  • B Last two digits of relative maturity number.
  • C Randomly designated letter and two-digit number.
  • D Separates the genetic and trait portions.
  • E From Agrisure traits naming system.
  • First number represents Herbicide Tolerance Technology Series
  • Second number represents number of modes of action against broad lepidopteran pests
  • Third number represents number of modes of action against corn borer
  • Fourth number represents number of modes of action against corn rootworm
  • "A" denotes Agrisure Artesian® technology

Tools and Resources

Corn Portfolio Worksheet
Learn more about crop protection, seed treatment and integrated solutions available to complement your Golden Harvest hybrids.
Golden Harvest Seed Guides
Download your local seed guide to find the corn hybrids best suited for your area.
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Golden Harvest Agrisure Duracade Sell Sheet
Learn more about the benefits of Golden Harvest hybrids with Agrisure Duracade trait stacks.


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Seeding Rate: 3 Seeds per Acre
Seed Spacing: 139,392 Inches
Number of Units Needed: 1


With harvest behind you, it’s time to take what you’ve learned in the field this season and apply it. Setting your sights on the season ahead, there are many agronomic factors to consider. Check out our agronomy section for recommendations and resources to help you make smart decisions that will result in your strongest hybrid performance ever.

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Jeff Pottebaum, Grower
Remsen, IA

I’ve been growing Golden Harvest Corn for about eight years. The corn has done very well. Last year it came out of the ground well, especially considering the wet soils we dealt with. Plant health was good. If I were to tell another person about Golden Harvest hybrids, I’d say they stand with the best. I’ll plant 100% Golden Harvest Corn every year until I’m proven wrong.

Jerry Norman, Grower
Erie, IL

My Golden Harvest Seed Advisor helps me match hybrids to my particular soil types. I appreciate that. I’ve been really happy over the years with the way Golden Harvest Corn has stood up. We’ve definitely seen an increase in our average yield over the years. We’ve been really happy with the yields and quality of the corn.

Greg Studemen, Grower
Plato, MN

My Golden Harvest Seed Advisor recommended going with a new Golden Harvest hybrid last season. It was the right choice for our field. I would say it gave us equal if not even greater return on investment than other products we’ve planted. I most certainly plan to plant more Golden Harvest Corn in the future.

Ben Stoller, Grower
Francesville, IN

I plant 100% Golden Harvest Corn. I appreciate working with local dealers who know me and my operation along with the Golden Harvest Corn hybrids that work well in my fields. They have a strong lineup of products and you get a good return for the dollars you spend. I would definitely recommend Golden Harvest Corn to other growers.



Enogen corn enzyme technology helps support renewable fuels through an in-seed alpha amylase enzyme that enhances ethanol production.

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Enogen Feed

Enogen Feed

Enogen Feed increases the feed value of grain or silage in livestock rations by breaking down starch more efficiently for enhanced digestibility.

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Corn Seed Treatments

Golden Harvest hybrids perform to their maximum potential when yield-robbing, early-season pests are kept at bay. That’s why every corn seed is treated with Avicta® Complete Corn with Vibrance® nematicide/insecticide/fungicide seed treatment.


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