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Bolstered by Agrisure Duracade trait European Commission import approval, Golden Harvest announces robust 2020 hybrid lineup

DOWNERS GROVE, Ill., USA Sept. 11, 2019 – With the European Commission granting Agrisure Duracade® trait (event 5307) import approval in July, corn grain and its derived food and feed products can be used within the European Union (EU).

In addition to the European Commission approval, Golden Harvest is releasing 25 new corn hybrids for 2020 planting. The latest product lineup equips farmers with 11 hybrids containing the Agrisure Duracade corn rootworm control trait, along with the Agrisure Viptera® and Agrisure Artesian® traits.

“Golden Harvest recognizes farmers need market flexibility and continual genetic advancements to tackle ever-evolving field threats,” said Dave Young, head of Golden Harvest marketing. “We are continually pushing new limits to be more farmer-centric, first and foremost.”

Proprietary Golden Harvest® germplasm offers elite genetics bred and tested locally. Golden Harvest research efforts have tripled to 80 locations to test hybrids against local stressors, such as soil types, pests and weather patterns.

“Our steadfast R&D focus is gaining national recognition,” said Jon Barrett, Golden Harvest corn product manager. “In 2018 Farmers’ Independent Research of Seed Technologies (FIRST) trial results, Golden Harvest hybrids took home 59 Top 3 finishes.”

Coupled with industry-leading Agrisure® trait protection, the 2020 new Golden Harvest hybrids range in relative maturity from 91 to 114 days, with:
  • 11 Agrisure Duracade hybrids for a unique mode of action to control corn rootworm.
  • 8 Agrisure Viptera hybrids for the most comprehensive above-ground insect control–the only effective western bean cutworm control trait.
  • 3 new Agrisure Duracade 5222 E-Z Refuge® hybrids, the most advanced trait stack on the market, for control of 16 above- and below-ground insects, more than any competitor.
  • 1 new Agrisure Viptera 3330 E-Z Refuge hybrid, the newest above-ground-only trait stack with 3 modes of action.
  • 8 Agrisure Artesian hybrids offer the most advanced water optimization technology for season-long performance.
  • 19 hybrids available as E-Z Refuge products, providing a convenient, in-bag seed blend.

In select geographies, Golden Harvest will offer 5 new Enogen® corn hybrids for 33 feed and fuel planting options in 2020. Featuring an in-seed innovation benefiting farmers marketing grain to participating ethanol plants, 2 to 14 hybrids are available in each sales region. In the ethanol market, Enogen grain enhances the ethanol production process by improving process efficiency, while Enogen Feed corn helps deliver more available energy when incorporated into dairy or beef cattle rations.


11 of the 25 new Golden Harvest hybrids include Agrisure Duracade, which carries a 4.1 Bu/A advantage over non-Agrisure Duracade products based off 2018 Syngenta trials. Photo credit: Syngenta

The Golden Harvest portfolio is available from Golden Harvest Seed Advisors, who combine high-yielding seed options with local agronomic knowledge and field recommendations. To find your local, independent Seed Advisor and gain more information on Golden Harvest corn, visit

About Golden Harvest
Golden Harvest Seeds has been rooted in genetics, agronomy and service since 1973, offering in-depth seeds expertise combined with the local agronomic know-how of an independent Seed Advisor to maximize yield on each field. Today, every Golden Harvest hybrid and variety is bred with the individual needs of hardworking farmers in mind. Find more information at Follow us on Twitter at @GldnHarvest and like us on Facebook at

About Syngenta
Syngenta is a leading agriculture company helping to improve global food security by enabling millions of farmers to make better use of available resources. Through world class science and innovative crop solutions, our 28,000 people in over 90 countries are working to transform how crops are grown. We are committed to rescuing land from degradation, enhancing biodiversity and revitalizing rural communities. To learn more visit and Follow us on Twitter at @Syngenta and @SyngentaUS.

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