Tips from Stanton, MN, for 2019 Soybean Seed Selection

Despite cool, wet conditions creating a challenging harvest for parts of the Midwest, 2019 seed selection is underway. As you make plans for 2019 – be it variety selection, seed treatments or otherwise – keep in mind these soybean takeaways from the Stanton, MN, Agronomy in Action site.

We faced heavy pest and disease pressure this year due to excessive rainfall and high humidity throughout the growing season. This humidity offered prime conditions for disease development in southern MN and northern IA. 

While you may be used to white mold or sudden death syndrome (SDS) pressure in recent years, several new diseases turned up. Stem canker, gall midge and charcoal rot were identified in area fields. And for the first time, frogeye leaf spot was identified in Northeast IA. 

While fungicide applications may be beneficial, adjusting your variety selection and management practices can help reduce disease pressure. One of the best ways to help combat disease pressure is by selecting resistant varieties. Reflect on which diseases have been problematic in the past, and choose resistant varieties for areas with high pressure. It’s important to look back on findings from the past several years, as disease pressure can vary drastically from year to year.

Here in Stanton we’ve seen good results from the Golden Harvest® soybean portfolio. A few top-performing varieties in the area this year include: 
  • GH2230X brand: Showing good top-end yield in plots near Stanton, MN, and offering agronomics fit for northeast IA, southern MN and western WI.
  • GH1486X Roundup Ready 2 Xtend® brand: Offering great weed control in areas of southeast MN and western WI with high disease pressure.
  • GH1915X brand: Showing strong standibility in high-yield environments.
  • GH2041X brand: Performing well in variable soils, where growing conditions are tough.
There are a number of factors to consider when selecting seed, and we’re here to help. Check out local yield results for soybeans in your area here. For more help, contact your Golden Harvest Seed Advisor with questions or for additional agronomic insights to help reach your highest yield potential.

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