Considerations for Harvest Field Order

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Harvest is underway for Iowa corn farmers, and the one thing on everyone’s mind is how to finish out the season strong. While most of the year’s scouting is complete, farmers should still get out into their fields before harvest and scout for one final issue: stalk rot.

Stalk rot is the weakening of the corn stalk, which can lead to lodging and ultimately hurt harvestability. As pictured above, the stalk has been weakened with rot infection and has very little strength, while a healthy stalk should not be so easy to flatten with fingertips alone. The University of Nebraska CropWatch website recommends a simple push test to see if corn fields are falling victim to this common issue. If the corn plant does not quickly return to a vertical position after being slightly pushed, stalk rot may have already set in.

According to Golden Harvest Agronomist Austin Hively, once farmers have identified stalk rot, those fields should be a priority at harvest, compared to fields with a lower risk. The sooner they can be harvested, the less likely they’ll succumb to lodging that can hinder harvestability.

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