Mitch Montgomery uses a lot of tools. The most important are curiosity and passion.


After dedicating 26 years to the ag business, Mitch Montgomery, Golden Harvest® field agronomist, sees his curiosity and passion for agriculture as his greatest professional assets. “I don’t bring a lot of value until I can help a grower modify his production practices and that process simply starts with questions — a lot of questions,” says Montgomery. “Finding out what he’s doing now, what he’s struggling with and what, in his opinion, he needs help with are the three basic places I start.”

Montgomery understands his approach to a grower’s problem or situation might be a little different, but he has a sound reason for that. “I think my process is unique because I’ve been doing it so long,” he remarked. “I’ve had multiple seasons to understand the impact of decisions I’ve helped a grower make. I’ve seen how what we’ve done one year has affected subsequent years. Sometimes it makes sense and sometimes it doesn’t. That’s why I look at everything with an eye of curiosity.”

When asked what bit of advice Montgomery always gives the growers he works with, he didn’t hesitate, “I tell every one of them to just spend some time in their fields. Walk around. Dig up the soil and really look at it so you can understand what’s going on beneath the surface.” Words of wisdom like that make Mitch Montgomery and the rest of the Golden Harvest Seed Team stand out from the rest. Find out what they can do for you: Call 1-800-652-7333 or visit today.


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