Consider Soil Type with Nitrogen Response Ratings

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Soil type plays a key role influencing the availability and uptake of nitrogen by hybrids. Similar to how water moves faster out of sandy loam soils than clay soils, so does nitrogen. This means corn planted on coarse-textured soils will have a greater yield benefit from extra nitrogen applications than fine-textured soils. Likewise, applying nitrogen or sidedressing a hybrid with a high nitrogen response rating would probably be encouraged after a wet spring or notably rainy spell.

Because not all corn plants respond to nitrogen the same, the amount needed to produce a healthy crop can vary greatly based on hybrid. To learn more about how different Golden Harvest hybrids respond to nitrogen, check out “Hybrid Nitrogen Response Ratings” to see which options work best for your environment and management style. Here are the four ratings for how hybrids respond to nitrogen:
1)      High: The hybrid responds to increased nitrogen better than most other hybrids, and therefore has a high economic payback for the nitrogen investment made
2)      Moderate: The hybrid responds to increased nitrogen similarly to most other hybrids, so applying extra nitrogen or sidedressing should result in a noticeable yield difference
3)      Low: The hybrid responds to increased nitrogen less than most other hybrids, so making nitrogen investments wouldn’t deliver nearly as high of an ROI as the high or moderate ratings
4)      Very low: The hybrid responds considerably less than most other hybrids, so making additional or sidedress nitrogen applications would have very little economic benefit
When selecting hybrids for the 2018 growing season, keep in mind the nitrogen hybrid ratings, soil types and additional management needs specific to your fields. For more help determining which hybrids are right for your farm, contact your local independent Golden Harvest Seed Advisor with questions or for additional agronomic insights.
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